Ideas and Comments for Parents/Carers

Commenting on your child's progress
Tips for Parents: Year R and Year 1

Your child has received a new Reading Record booklet which includes a series of reading logs. Each time your child reads, it is important to comment on his/her progress.
Ensuring that comments are constructive and encouraging without sounding too repetitive can often be very difficult. We have therefore compiled a list of collective comments and phrases to help you respond to your child's progress.
Please remember that these are only suggested comments and ideas. You may or may not choose to use them. The list is by no means exhaustive and comments can be modified, extended and personalised.
Some comments refer to specific story-books, words, sounds and letters. This is for illustrative purposes only and should be replaced with details to reflect your child's own reading experience.

- John read the words on the flash cards and the book accurately.
- John read the flash cards loudly and clearly. He wanted to repeat them over and over again!
- It was such a pleasure to listen to Jane read. She was able to identify and read the words independently.
- He spotted a full stop!
- She noticed that the print font size is much smaller than the flash cards.
- Read the book enthusiastically, clearly and with understanding.
- Fluent and confident, showing enthusiasm and enjoyment.
- Confused "b" and "d" sounds at the beginning of the word "dig" but self-corrected when read within the context of the sentence. Wonderful! "
- Recognised the exclamation mark!
- The tools on page 8 helped us to explore the story further.
- Tends to mistake "was" with "saw."
-Loved the pictures and we enjoyed discussing them together.
" Anne is now recognising words far more easily.
" She found the word "after" very tricky.
" He is very aware of punctuation including speech marks!
" Wow! First story read to the end with no help whatsoever.
" Found this book quite easy.
- Could you please review the level of her book as she found it quite challenging.
- This series is proving to be the most challenging so far. Mary is learning new words every day and is thoroughly enjoying the adventure theme.
- She is beginning to discuss the book.
- John, I am thrilled with your reading. You are a super reader!
- Read effortlessly!
- We looked at the title and Mary felt that it did not fit the book!
- Mary was totally absorbed in her reading.
- We recorded Mary reading on tape and played it back. She loved listening to herself read.
- Read at a steady pace.
- Grandma was over the moon when she heard Jane read!
- I am delighted that his reading confidence has increased leaps and bounds!
- Tim noticed that the front cover had pictures in colour, unlike the inside of the book.
- Predicting what will happen next proved challenging and we started the thinking process for him.
- Noor, you read the book at a lovely pace and effortlessly. You are now a better reader than me!
- She is making wonderful progress with her reading and amazes me with how she is tackling harder words.
- Whilst drawing the picture, she was keen to show the naughty side of the character!
- Noor was pleased that the ending was happy!
- Anne enjoyed the story and was keen to tell me about her own experience of starting school.
- John was upset when Grace could not find her Mum but was relieved when they were reunited at the end.
- Really impressed! You should feel very proud. It was an absolute pleasure listening to you read.
- Lovely reading and only a little help needed today! " Read beautifully with lots of expression and clearly distinguished narrative from dialogue. Brilliant!
- Needed a little encouragement this evening to remain focussed.
- Wonderful! Made extremely good attempts at 'sounding out' unfamiliar words.
- Asked many relevant questions about the story and characters - great!
- Anne really enjoyed this book set by the sea. It reminded her of the Lighthouse Keeper books which we have read at home.
- Rahim particularly enjoyed reading this book and looking at the illustrations. He has read more books by the same author at home.
- Very little help needed today. Remembered many of the letter sounds and read lots of words independently.

Ideas and Comments for Parents/Carers
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