Teacher Comments

"KS1 staff have found the reading record booklet easy to organise and fun to use. The children have enjoyed filling in their "special book" and it has encouraged them to think more carefully about the story they have read". 
Liz Caldwell, Literacy Co-ordinator, Hillside Avenue Primary School

"The children have really enjoyed adding their own comments. Many of them look forward to writing their opinions (some are brutally honest!) and it has been a good opportunity to move the children forward from "I liked it" to be able to give reasons, think of aspects, descriptions they liked and even alternate endings."
Ann MacLachlan, Senior teacher/Literacy Co-ordinator, Priors Wood Primary School

"Great! Lovely variety of activities and very useful having "high and medium frequency" words in them."
Mrs March, Literacy Co-ordinator, Humberstone Junior

"These Reading Record booklets are more of learning tools and not just a record of what has been read." 
Sue Haley, Headteacher, Delves Lane Country Junior School

"Impressed with the simplicity of the layout. Very child-friendly and with a good variety of extension activities. I particularly liked the sections focussed on increasing vocabulary and extending reading matter to newspapers and magazines." 
Daryl Slade, Literacy Co-ordinator, Wendover Junior School

"It has raised the profile of reading imagination with the new books." 
Mrs Lee, Literacy Co-ordinator, Montgomery Primary School

"This resource had a positive impact on our home reading programme. They facilitate a purposeful dialogue between home and school." 
Mrs P A Willets, Headteacher, Tividale Hall Primary School

"Thank you for sending the booklets so quickly." 
Literacy Co-ordinator - Wandsworth, London

"Pupils have an opportunity to respond in a variety of ways. We use the Learning Tools within our English lessons. This reinforces children's understanding, formulating opinions about books and authors. The best practice is children's involvement in their own learning where JellyJames resources are motivating and parents are involved." 
Debbie Fulford, Assistant Headteacher, Parkfield Primary School

"The ideas in the booklets are very good." 
Literacy Co-ordinator - Worcestershire 

"Breath of fresh air. I really like the Learning Tools. They are perfect for literacy lessons."
Literacy Co-ordinator - Leicestershire

"We really liked the idea of the range of booklets. This means some juniors, with lower abilities can use similar tools. We also thought the the tools are highly suitable, the information for the parents is clear and there is plenty to stretch in both books." 
Sandra Clay, Lincewood Primary School, Literacy Co-ordinator

"It has focussed tasks that can be used at school as well as at home. It conveys to the parents that reading goes beyond the literal." 
Sandra Clay, Lincewood Primary School, Literacy Co-ordinator

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